Project B

Data exchange platform

Project goals

The main goal is to implement platform for decentralized data storage, which provides reliable and secure data exchange between competing businesses without the introduction of a single point of trust in the system. Implementation


We have used Blockchain technology (based on open source Multichain platform) to implement distributed data storage. Our specialists have created .NET Multichain access library and made it open source (at github). Over the blockchain distributed storage we have built the mechanism of cryptographical data protection that allows managing access to published data. This mechanism is based on symmetric and asymmetric cryptography tools certified in the Russian Federation. It allows us to provide secure and decentralized system, in which all data are stored in every node, so all participants always have the data (decentralization), and the data are encrypted, so only the addressee, who owns the decryption key, can read it (security). The system was implemented with .Net platform, it has RESTful WebAPI interface, which allows external systems to integrate with our system easily.


System has been successfully implemented as data exchange platform for electronical procurements platforms and companies of “Fintender” group.